Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Beach Ed

Beach Ed 2017 was a fun experience for me because I love the sea and catching some massive waves. I loved the relays we played in the water because we rode some big waves with a board and I got the chance surf a big wave all the way to shore.
In this photo we are learning what lifeguards use for rescue, We found out they use tubes and massive boats for saving people if they are in any sort of danger.
Now we learnt what they use if someone needs to be electrocuted or has had a serious injury. It was interesting because I thought that you would just call the ambulance if something had happened.
We learnt to identify rips and how to get out of them. To escape to rip you would want to swim to the side and not panic, or you could lay on your back and drift to the end and swim away that way.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

How I learnt to ride

How i learnt to ride a bike

Swoosh, there i go riding my first time on a bike with training wheels. Going down the grass aisle in my backyard hoping not to crash... SKIRMISH, there i go tumbling onto the wood platforms of my sandpit, Ouch! "Lets try that again!" i said with excitement in me. Riding around my trampoline and garden, "I have mastered training wheels" i said to myself with joy. 3 Years later in Australia, i got a new bike for Christmas, "No training wheels this time!" My dad said to me. I ride, no practice needed riding on 2 wheels, I was amazed by how good i was riding down the street on my bike, "YESS" I yelled biking down the street.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

My Safety Poster

This is my poster about road safety, You have to learn your signs before you go on the road. I made a quiz to help you out on knowing your signs.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

PBL Reflection

This is my PBL model of the velvet ant. I needed hot glue, paints, pipe cleaners, newspaper, paper mache and a good mindset.

What i enjoyed most is painting my PBL because it was fun and had to do many layers.

What i am most proud of is finishing my PBL because it took me a while and i had a fun time.

Something i found challenging was making a good body for my insect out of newspaper because i had to do multiple copies.

A learning muscle i stretched was perservence because i had to work hard.

Here some of my report writing, here is the full thing.

Velvet ants/pōpokoriki (also called cow killers and mutillidae ) are a species of wapi that lie of more than 3000 species. Females titiro very furry and soft with bright red and black colors, but don't let them fool you! A female has a very toxic/patini sting, so watch out! Males do not have stingers however, but have wings. Females are the complete opposite of males, they have stingers but are wingless.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Calendar Art

Calendar Art
My Calendar art is a background with parkour silhouettes
on the background. You can make it using pastels, a device to trace, black paper and a sharpie.
You will use your sharpie to draw 5 boxes drawn by free hand. Then you would draw circles like what i have done in all the boxes. Once you have done that you will color in the circles with warm or cool colors. Then cut your silhouettes out and glue them onto your background. The learning muscles i used was my perseverance muscle and my imaging muscle. 

Monday, May 29, 2017

Thank You

Parkvale School
Howard Street                                    
Hastings 4122

Dear Jay-Bea,

I am writing this letter to you to say a massive thank you for giving up your precious time and energy for us on camp last week. I really enjoyed camp with you and loved all of those funny moments.

My best highlight was the amazing race. I liked it when we came to you, the tarp was hard. We had to work together to flip it. I stood at the front shimming it. It was funny when Dylan kept falling off. After many attempts we finally completed our hard task.

Another good highlight was kayaking, It was funny when we crashed into you and you started splashing us. “ABORT! ABORT!” I screamed in laughter. Splash! The water is freezing, I said whilst trying to swim out of the cold water.

Claw, Claw. Everyone shivering over the massive wetas just waiting for the right time to pounce on us. The last cave was a nightmare. Crawling over mud thicker than my body,I was beyond scared straight.

An interesting fact I learned is that Lake Waikaremoana was formed about 2,200 years ago when a massive landslip blocked a gorge along the Waikaretāheke River. The gorge filled with water, creating a lake up to 248 metres deep in some spots.

Yours Sincerely