Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Beach Ed

Beach Ed 2017 was a fun experience for me because I love the sea and catching some massive waves. I loved the relays we played in the water because we rode some big waves with a board and I got the chance surf a big wave all the way to shore.
In this photo we are learning what lifeguards use for rescue, We found out they use tubes and massive boats for saving people if they are in any sort of danger.
Now we learnt what they use if someone needs to be electrocuted or has had a serious injury. It was interesting because I thought that you would just call the ambulance if something had happened.
We learnt to identify rips and how to get out of them. To escape to rip you would want to swim to the side and not panic, or you could lay on your back and drift to the end and swim away that way.

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